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How to Start Your Career as an Artist: 3 Things Every Artist Should do

  1. Create a website for your artwork. Do it. I know it may seem like a lot of work, but it is totally worth it! Use a website designer (I use WIX, but there are tons of options out there) and get your work out into the world! Having a website makes you more professional and is a great place to send your social media followers, employers and/or collaborators.

  2. Don't just have an art social media account - actually use it. Engage with your followers! Be an active member of the art community in your city and your country. Get your work out there. (Check out my other blog post on how to use Social Media effectively!)

  3. Have a separate CV for your Artistic accomplishments. Don't just use your academic CV for applications in the art world - make one specifically for your artistic accomplishments. Make sure to include your exhibitions and commissions!

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